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Solar PV System Repairs and Re-Commissioning

Free Telephone Advice and Quotations

Specialist Advice

British Solar Power

  • Free fault finding over the telephone
  • Systems can sometimes be re-started free of charge by the householder after mains power interruption
  • Initial callout and fault finding from £130 plus VAT including travelling time
  • Written quotations before work is started
  • 5 day turnaround on product replacement
  • Solar panel pigeon proofing
  • Maintenance contracts available for large systems
  • 5 year independent third party IWA warranty on wiring and workmanship

Our Emergency Callout Service is available 6 days a week

We offer a repair and maintenance service in Hartley Wintney, Winchfield, Hook and Basingstoke which includes solar panel system checking, replacement of failed parts and repairs and pigeon proofing where required.

If you are having a roof repaired or a house extension we will safely switch off your system and remove your panels for storage until the work is finished. When you are ready to have the panels replaced we will re-commission your system and test it to make sure it is working properly. If your roof layout changes we will quote you for re-installing your panels including any extra mounting rails and cabling you may need.

We can de-commission systems on larger commercial installations for re-deployment later. Sometimes this involves removing the inverters to be stored away and re-used at a later date. This work is carried out by certified electricians with years of specialised solar systems experience and the skills and certifications required to ensure H&S standards are maintained. Full reports are supplied when the systems are re-commissioned. All work carries an IWA independent 5 year third party warranty on wiring and workmanship.

We offer annual Maintenance contracts with tests including power testing , quarterly monitoring of power generation and long term performance analysis which allows return on investment and energy saving costs to be calculated.

With this data available ongoing efficiency can be monitored and potential performance improvements assessed in line with new technology developments. Examples of this might be subsequent installation of battery storage systems, power diverters, solar parking bays and hybrid and electric vehicle charging points for employees or the utilisation of company vehicles as overnight power storage backup.

  • Pigeon proofing and broken panel replacement
  • Replacement of failed generation meters.
  • Solar inverters repair and replacement
  • Replacement of damaged switches and wiring
  • Help with Feed in Tariff and meter readings.
  • Help with warranty claims and returns
  • Installation of parts replaced under warranty

PLEASE NOTE: We are not certified to work on solar thermal systems. This is the type that pumps fluid around pipes connected to a hot water tank. If you need a company for solar thermal you can often find a local company by searching:
MCS Certified Contractors


British Solar Power